Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 9 - Arpil 18, 2016

wait what? 2 months downnnn!?!?!?

Hello people of the west coast, it's me, Sister Sister with the Sister with the funny Prickett...Pickett? YES. Pickett!! That's the one. For some reason my name was so hard for people this week haha. At least they get "Sister" right!  And I thought "Kristine" was hard for people to get right at home? nawww
I love Virginia Beach though. It is so beautiful here. I thought it was green when I got here. Now it's green x10! It looks like a straight up fairytale! 
Lots of miracles this week. Lots of prayers this week. But life couldn't get any better! 
I am officially 2 months old. WHOA. Seems like it's gone so fast..yet so slow. But i'm loving every second. 
Never a dull moment living a missionary life that's for sure. Too many funny stories to write out. But everyday has me laughing.

This week da da da daaaaaaa: Highlights list! 
1.) We had an "un-birthday" party for Sister Rawlings earlier this week. A cute member family in our ward fed us dinner but called it a birthday party because Sister Rawlings got to pick the menu. It was so cute! She asked my advise on what she could suggest for dessert... I said, DUH? Cheesecake. Oh ya. I went there.
2.) We also got to see our fav family the Albea's. We helped them clean thier house because their grandma was coming into town and so we conquered vacuuming the stairs. Nailed it!  The dogs were still huge as usual. I'll attach a pic of one of the dogs. She was just straight chillin on the couch. Had to snap a pic of the cute little pup. 
3.) We taught the deaf family this week by ourselves. We usually have a member who is fluent in ASL with us to translate for us a little bit. We know most things but we have a harder time understanding what she's saying to us. But no fluent ASL member could come with is that day. So we took that challenge on and it went really well. This week the family is teaching a sign class at the church so that is going to be really fun! 
4.) This past Tuesday: INTERVIEWS. Ahh. My first "in-field" interview with President Baker. Talk about nerve racking. But he did nothing but be the nicest guy ever. He gave me lots of really good advise and so far- so good! And Sister Baker is the cutest. While I was waiting when my companion was being interviewed, I had the chance to really sit and talk with her and she is like a mom away from mom. It felt so nice to have that talk with her! I'm gonna miss them when they get released:( 
5.) Of course, we saw Ya Ling this week. She had a friend there, Long Vong. He is from Vietnam. He wants us to teach him English now too. He speaks very little English and wants to be better to be able to get a better job. Of course, we agreed to help him. Anyone who is a friend of Ya Ling is a friend of ours too haha. But the deal is.. we'll teach you English. But we teach you English from reading the Book of Mormon. He told us he wants to learn about Jesus and learn English. Bingo! 
6.) We saw our investigator, JP (who was the first person I taught in Virginia Beach) twice this week. He hit a little rough patch a couple weeks ago and stopped seeing us but now we are back on track. He is supposed to be praying for a baptism date so hopefully next time we see him he has done that. He is the sweetest guy. We only want the best for him. Pray for him!
7.) This week for our weekly planning- we did it with our district! We usually plan at our apartment just us two, but it was fun going to the church and learning different ways to plan from each other. It was so fun to be all together before transfers because we knew some elders and sisters were going to be leaving.
8.) We saw a less active this week- Ana. She is from Panama. She speaks a little English. So I had to dig in the back of my brain from those 3 years I took Spanish and I am pretty proud of myself. I was able to communicate somewhat with her. She asked where I was from, I told her Arizona. she smiled and said, "Ohh thats why." Haha ok..
9.) We were at the church Thursday night. That's when everyone has scouts and mutual. The 2nd counselor in the bishopric just randomly walks in the lobby with his dog. No big deal. Such a cute dog. Reminded me of our old family dog, Roscoe. So cute!
10.)At district meeting, my fav sister Sister Weibye and I were twinning - not even planned! (pic below)
11.) We went to our Ward mission leaders house and one of the members was over cause they were going to watch Star Wars. These members are from Arizona and they made a green chili and pork chili. Reminded me so much of home! It was soooo good!
12.) We got a new couch. It is so comfy. It's like you're sittin on a cloud. 
13.) A family in our ward lives in a neighborhood that doesn't allow them to have backyard chickens. So we go over for dinner last night and one of the boys goes, " Sister Pickett! Come see our illegal pets!" Um. Ok. They have a chicken coop chillin in their garage. Niceeee. My companion told the mom that I lived on a farm before I came out. She got so excited. She asked me every possible question she could about chickens. If it's ok if they do this and that. She was so funny. I told her my info is gonna cost here. She just looked at me and laughed. I laughed and told her that dinner was good enough. So I spilled some info and she says, "Ok well I hope you don't mind if I just randomly call you up to ask you some more questions." Glad I can be the chicken expert here! I love VB people!

Well that's all I got. This week it packed full of fun stuff so stay tuned. 

We've had a lot of great lessons this week. Something amazing to me is that I can recognize the Holy Ghost so much clearer in my life. I am just so grateful for that. THE CHURCH IS TRUE. I love you all. 

btw. I love mail. Just thought I'd let you know.

Love one another as Jesus loves you. Try to show kindness in all that you do. Be gentle in learning in deed and in thought. For these are the things Jesus taught.

Sister Pickett

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