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Week 8 - April 11.2016

Ok. You ready for this?

Hola y'all!! <--- niceeeee Sister Pickett

Family and friends! Hello! Virginia Beach was cold.. no... it was FREEZING this week. And windy. I think after the 3rd day of the 40 mph winds causing us to flash people too many times haha my companion and I figured out that our flowy skirts were probably not a good idea. But life is so wonderful. 
I just want to start this email off with just a huge shout out to every single one of you. I love you. How did I get so lucky to have such amazing people in my life? I am blessed beyond belief that's for sure! This week was another crazy one! So get comfy.

Monday: After our normal P-day activities. We went to a members house for dinner. The Albea's. Oh my goodness I love them so much. The mom is like my twin. Loud, loves dogs, makes jokes, etc etc etc! They have two HUGE dogs. A great dane- Jackson. And a mastiff- Elsa. Oh man are they slobbery and cute. They also think they are lap dogs...they doesn't quite work haha. We made homemade pizzas and they were delish. Then we played Taboo and boy that was fun. I miss playing games with my family, but that reminded me of home and it was so much fun to let loose for a bit. Then sadly we had to leave. But don't you worry! We see them again tonight haha!! yessssss

Tuesday: Deep clean day!!! Fact: you will be more stressed out if you live in a pig sty. What a huge stress reliever it was to set time aside to clean and clean some more. As a missionary it is go go go go all the time and cleaning seems impossible to keep up with. But it was as clean as a whistle!! Hallelujah! We also tried to visit a bunch of people but nobody was home. So disappointing. But! Never fear! We had a signing (ASL) class that we were looking forward to! It was going to be at the church. Miracle of the day: We show up to the ASL class that was supposed to be happening and...nobody was at the church. We forgot the phone at home so we couldn't call anyone. It was so weird. They had been announcing this thing for weeks! So we just headed home. We knew that the Sister Training Leaders were supposed to come at 8:30 and it was 8:00 when we got back home.  But right after we had walked in the door...we heard a knock at the door. It was them. The sisters. What? I thought they were coming at 8:30? If we would have had that signing class, we weren't planning on getting home till 8:30!  We had no phone, and they sisters would have been stuck outside our apartment. Haha! I love Heavenly Father. Still to this day we have no idea what happened with the class. hmm. Anyways! So the sisters came in we talked for a bit and said a prayer. My companion was going to Norfolk Virginia (about 30 mins from our apartment) with one of the sister training leaders. And I was staying in our area with the other sister training leader and her greenie that she is training. I was so nervous. They never have the new missionaries stay in their area for their first exchange. But no. I am!!! Heavenly Father is so so funny!!!!!! 

Wednesday: Boom! Today. Sister Pickett was running the show!! We visited a referral we got from the mission office. We walk up tp the house and knock on the door. A little old lady walks up to the door with a very confused look on her face. "Yes? Who are you?" she asked us. " We are the sister missionaries! we said. "OH MY GOODNESS COME ON IN MY LITTLE SUNSHINES I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU OH MY GOODNESS !!! Boom. That is the exact moment we knew this lady was a special one. Her name is Barbra. She lives alone. She is 88 years old and still going strong. She is our Grandma now. She spoils us. Hardcore. At one point of our first visit she stands up and points at me and says, " What size are you deary?" "Umm.. XL?" "OH boy do I have a wardrobe for you." Apparently she was once wearing an XL and lost a bunch of weight or else she had to get another hip replacement. So we walk in this room (that is her closet haha) And there were clothes hanging everywhere. Next time we go over she is basically giving me 6 bags full of clothes, to start off with she said haha! JACKPOT!!!  I tried on this one sweater and she goes, " Oh sweetheart, you pull off that style so fabulous. Turn around. Let me go get my camera." She is so precious. But she is not a member. Very interested in the church though. We taught her the Restoration last time and I asked her to be baptized and she said yes if she came to know these things are true! She is a gem y'all!!
The rest of that day we saw Ya Ling, 2 less actives, we got stuck in an elevator with an atheist...that was fun, went tracting a lot and boy there are interesting people out here, visited our less active Cynthia with the St. Bernard- he is still super cute awh, saw one of our investigators we haven't been able to see in a month and we are still working with him- good lesson though!, and then traveled to Norfolk to switch back companionships. 

Thursday: Weekly planning day and coordination meeting and went visiting teaching with the military relations missionary. I think she likes bringing us so we can teach the lessons. Haha. Smart lady!

Friday: District meeting, Saw a couple less actives, made a birthday card for a girl in our ward who is struggling a bit, turns out she was sick on her birthday- no fun! But she had the biggest smile on her face when we took her the card. I love making people smile. Favorite hobby: making people happy/smile/laugh:)

Saturday: Saw Ya Ling, got a new investigator, Ray! Super cool guy. Has a garden chilling in his front yard. Niceee. Then that night we had our ward's chili cook off and dessert auction as a young woman fundraiser for girls camp. It was such a good turn out. Both the elders and us were the chili judges. So people thought they were so funny putting ghost peppers in their chili. It was so fun though. Then for the dessert auction- all these members kept buying desserts for the missionaries. We were sitting at this table. Someone would bid on a dessert. The young women would bring it to them. They would point to us. The girl would bring it to us. And set in down along with the 50 other desserts we had sitting there. Thank you ward members. haha. Our fridge is FULL of sugar. They are trying to make us fat.

Sunday: Church was awesome as usual. 3 of the people we have been trying to get back to church finally came!!! YESS!! Then we were waiting for ward council to start and this guy walks in looking very confused. Turns out he has been looking for a church for a while. As soon as he walked in. It felt right. His name is Luke and he came here to look for a YSA ward. He had already been to 3 churches that morning and came to ours too and loved the feeling. He talked to us for awhile. We gave him a tour. We were late to ward council. But it was worth it! He is such a good kid! We have high hopes for him and hopefully we will be able to attend a baptism for him soon! After ward council we went and taught Ray our new investigator. As we were teaching him about the Restoration, he was teaching us about his church. He doesn't seem interested but we'll keep teaching him! Then we went to a members house for dinner. What was on the menu? Waffles and scrambled eggs, potatoes, and onions. YES. Reminds me of home. It was gooood. 

And that was this week! Tomorrow morning we have our interviews with President Baker. Ahh. Nervous about that. Transfers are this week. But I know for sure my companion and I are going to be staying here but i'm still in training. I will be here until at LEAST July. My companion goes home May 31st. 

So you know what that means, my address isn't changing for a while! So keep sending that mail! You know mail to a missionary is pure gold!!

(text Todd or Penni for address)
Virginia Beach Virginia 23455

Love you all so much!!

Love one another as Jesus loves you. Try to show kindness in all that you do. Be gentle in learning in deed and in thought. For these are the things Jesus taught.

The biggest hugs and kisses to you all, Muah!!

Sister Pickett

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