Friday, April 29, 2016

Week 10- April 25, 2016


Hola mi amigos!

Sister Pickett here! It's missionary Monday! 

Where to start with this week... It was rough. I mean.. everyday has it's positives and negatives, but for some reason- this week just didn't feel like having too many positives. Boooooo!
At the start of my mission I was never tired really. I was just going day by day soaking up any information I could. Now I'm tried haha. It's all caught up with me. But every morning in my prayers, "Heavenly Father? Please wake me up a little more right now because I'm gonna fall asleep in the middle of this pray." Works every time. But? I can take a nap in 16 months! Right now it's time to get to work!!

1. We had to go to a doctors appointment for Sister Rawlings on Tuesday. I don't know why, but it felt so weird being in the doctors as a missionary...anything "normal" it weird to me now!

2.) We drove past "Bubba's Seafood Restaurant" on our way back from the doctors. I was flippin out. "Bubba" is Paula Deen's son and i've seen him on TV with her a couple times. Too bad the restaurant is out of our area so we can't go to it (I couldn't even take a pic in front booo), but it's on the bucket list for sure!

3.) Geese are everywhere here in VB. It is actually illegal to hit one with your car or shoot one. But there is a goose that laid an egg in the church parking lot. She has been sitting on it for quite some time now. We pulled up for the RS activity and there were 5 baby geese waddling around the parking lot. SO CUTE. I named the mom Duck Duck ( get it.... duck duck GOOSE!) and we never got the chance to name the babies because when we came back out after the activity...they were gone. So sad.. Long live Duck Duck and her babies!

4.) We had signing class this week. That was SO MUCH FUN. I love ASL. Wish I was fluent though. But everyday it get's better! There were so many people there and we are so glad that there was so much support for this deaf family. They have been less active because nobody can communicate with them so they feel there in no point to try but now they see how much everyone is learning and it is so great!

5.) Devastating news of the week: the Albeas are moving.... NOOO. But that's what we get for it being a military city. Everyone is constantly moving in and out. But the Albea's are my fav. So sad to see them go!

6.) New Bayside Elder: Elder Prue. Haven't talked to him much but seems nice! I'll keep you updated on that!

7.) Ok you ready for this? So we had to get our car inspected. A car inspection from my understanding should take no longer than an hour. We dropped it off Friday morning. They said it would be a couple hours. We had district meeting so we left the car there and walked. We walked allllllll the way to the church. About an hour and a half. That was fun. We have our meeting and then the Cape Henry sister missionaries gave us a ride back to the Firestone. We walk in and they tell us there is one car in front of us and then they will inspect ours. We asked how long it would take they said no later than 2 o clock. We didn't know where to go because it was pouring rain outside and the seating in the waiting area of the Firestone had only chairs facing the TV. So we walked next door to Arby's. They told us they would call us when the car was done so we sat there and made calls. We both didn't feel well at all. We tried calling members for rides but everyone was busy. At 6 o clock we FINALLY pull out of the Firestone with our car. 9 HOURS TO INSPECT OUR CAR. Yesss!

8.)We went to the food order on Saturday. Those are my absolute favorite! We had a lot of fun!

9.) 3 people in our ward were moving on Saturday. So Saturday was service filled. All of us missionaries are still super sore from it but I just love serving people so much. No complaining here.

10.) We are teaching a little girl in our ward. She is going to be baptized in June and so her mom really wants us to teach her the discussions. It was really difficult for me. It was hard enough learning how to simplify the lessons for adults. Simplifying it for a child? Harder then it sounds. Challenge accepted!
11.) So last night I found out that Jacob ( the St. Bernard that I had a picture with last week) is named after Jacob in Twilight. Score!!!!

Well that's it for this week! I love you all! Thank you so much for all the support I get from each of you. My life is just so fantastic and I hope that you all stay safe and healthy and happy! I will be praying for you!

I have gotten so much love (mail) this week!! Thank you thank you thank you!

(text Todd or Penni for address)
Virginia Beach Virginia 

Love one another as Jesus loves you. Try to show kindness in all that you do. Be gentle and loving in deed and in thought. For these are the things Jesus taught.

Sister Pickett

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