Friday, April 29, 2016

Week 10- April 25, 2016


Hola mi amigos!

Sister Pickett here! It's missionary Monday! 

Where to start with this week... It was rough. I mean.. everyday has it's positives and negatives, but for some reason- this week just didn't feel like having too many positives. Boooooo!
At the start of my mission I was never tired really. I was just going day by day soaking up any information I could. Now I'm tried haha. It's all caught up with me. But every morning in my prayers, "Heavenly Father? Please wake me up a little more right now because I'm gonna fall asleep in the middle of this pray." Works every time. But? I can take a nap in 16 months! Right now it's time to get to work!!

1. We had to go to a doctors appointment for Sister Rawlings on Tuesday. I don't know why, but it felt so weird being in the doctors as a missionary...anything "normal" it weird to me now!

2.) We drove past "Bubba's Seafood Restaurant" on our way back from the doctors. I was flippin out. "Bubba" is Paula Deen's son and i've seen him on TV with her a couple times. Too bad the restaurant is out of our area so we can't go to it (I couldn't even take a pic in front booo), but it's on the bucket list for sure!

3.) Geese are everywhere here in VB. It is actually illegal to hit one with your car or shoot one. But there is a goose that laid an egg in the church parking lot. She has been sitting on it for quite some time now. We pulled up for the RS activity and there were 5 baby geese waddling around the parking lot. SO CUTE. I named the mom Duck Duck ( get it.... duck duck GOOSE!) and we never got the chance to name the babies because when we came back out after the activity...they were gone. So sad.. Long live Duck Duck and her babies!

4.) We had signing class this week. That was SO MUCH FUN. I love ASL. Wish I was fluent though. But everyday it get's better! There were so many people there and we are so glad that there was so much support for this deaf family. They have been less active because nobody can communicate with them so they feel there in no point to try but now they see how much everyone is learning and it is so great!

5.) Devastating news of the week: the Albeas are moving.... NOOO. But that's what we get for it being a military city. Everyone is constantly moving in and out. But the Albea's are my fav. So sad to see them go!

6.) New Bayside Elder: Elder Prue. Haven't talked to him much but seems nice! I'll keep you updated on that!

7.) Ok you ready for this? So we had to get our car inspected. A car inspection from my understanding should take no longer than an hour. We dropped it off Friday morning. They said it would be a couple hours. We had district meeting so we left the car there and walked. We walked allllllll the way to the church. About an hour and a half. That was fun. We have our meeting and then the Cape Henry sister missionaries gave us a ride back to the Firestone. We walk in and they tell us there is one car in front of us and then they will inspect ours. We asked how long it would take they said no later than 2 o clock. We didn't know where to go because it was pouring rain outside and the seating in the waiting area of the Firestone had only chairs facing the TV. So we walked next door to Arby's. They told us they would call us when the car was done so we sat there and made calls. We both didn't feel well at all. We tried calling members for rides but everyone was busy. At 6 o clock we FINALLY pull out of the Firestone with our car. 9 HOURS TO INSPECT OUR CAR. Yesss!

8.)We went to the food order on Saturday. Those are my absolute favorite! We had a lot of fun!

9.) 3 people in our ward were moving on Saturday. So Saturday was service filled. All of us missionaries are still super sore from it but I just love serving people so much. No complaining here.

10.) We are teaching a little girl in our ward. She is going to be baptized in June and so her mom really wants us to teach her the discussions. It was really difficult for me. It was hard enough learning how to simplify the lessons for adults. Simplifying it for a child? Harder then it sounds. Challenge accepted!
11.) So last night I found out that Jacob ( the St. Bernard that I had a picture with last week) is named after Jacob in Twilight. Score!!!!

Well that's it for this week! I love you all! Thank you so much for all the support I get from each of you. My life is just so fantastic and I hope that you all stay safe and healthy and happy! I will be praying for you!

I have gotten so much love (mail) this week!! Thank you thank you thank you!

(text Todd or Penni for address)
Virginia Beach Virginia 

Love one another as Jesus loves you. Try to show kindness in all that you do. Be gentle and loving in deed and in thought. For these are the things Jesus taught.

Sister Pickett

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 9 - Arpil 18, 2016

wait what? 2 months downnnn!?!?!?

Hello people of the west coast, it's me, Sister Sister with the Sister with the funny Prickett...Pickett? YES. Pickett!! That's the one. For some reason my name was so hard for people this week haha. At least they get "Sister" right!  And I thought "Kristine" was hard for people to get right at home? nawww
I love Virginia Beach though. It is so beautiful here. I thought it was green when I got here. Now it's green x10! It looks like a straight up fairytale! 
Lots of miracles this week. Lots of prayers this week. But life couldn't get any better! 
I am officially 2 months old. WHOA. Seems like it's gone so fast..yet so slow. But i'm loving every second. 
Never a dull moment living a missionary life that's for sure. Too many funny stories to write out. But everyday has me laughing.

This week da da da daaaaaaa: Highlights list! 
1.) We had an "un-birthday" party for Sister Rawlings earlier this week. A cute member family in our ward fed us dinner but called it a birthday party because Sister Rawlings got to pick the menu. It was so cute! She asked my advise on what she could suggest for dessert... I said, DUH? Cheesecake. Oh ya. I went there.
2.) We also got to see our fav family the Albea's. We helped them clean thier house because their grandma was coming into town and so we conquered vacuuming the stairs. Nailed it!  The dogs were still huge as usual. I'll attach a pic of one of the dogs. She was just straight chillin on the couch. Had to snap a pic of the cute little pup. 
3.) We taught the deaf family this week by ourselves. We usually have a member who is fluent in ASL with us to translate for us a little bit. We know most things but we have a harder time understanding what she's saying to us. But no fluent ASL member could come with is that day. So we took that challenge on and it went really well. This week the family is teaching a sign class at the church so that is going to be really fun! 
4.) This past Tuesday: INTERVIEWS. Ahh. My first "in-field" interview with President Baker. Talk about nerve racking. But he did nothing but be the nicest guy ever. He gave me lots of really good advise and so far- so good! And Sister Baker is the cutest. While I was waiting when my companion was being interviewed, I had the chance to really sit and talk with her and she is like a mom away from mom. It felt so nice to have that talk with her! I'm gonna miss them when they get released:( 
5.) Of course, we saw Ya Ling this week. She had a friend there, Long Vong. He is from Vietnam. He wants us to teach him English now too. He speaks very little English and wants to be better to be able to get a better job. Of course, we agreed to help him. Anyone who is a friend of Ya Ling is a friend of ours too haha. But the deal is.. we'll teach you English. But we teach you English from reading the Book of Mormon. He told us he wants to learn about Jesus and learn English. Bingo! 
6.) We saw our investigator, JP (who was the first person I taught in Virginia Beach) twice this week. He hit a little rough patch a couple weeks ago and stopped seeing us but now we are back on track. He is supposed to be praying for a baptism date so hopefully next time we see him he has done that. He is the sweetest guy. We only want the best for him. Pray for him!
7.) This week for our weekly planning- we did it with our district! We usually plan at our apartment just us two, but it was fun going to the church and learning different ways to plan from each other. It was so fun to be all together before transfers because we knew some elders and sisters were going to be leaving.
8.) We saw a less active this week- Ana. She is from Panama. She speaks a little English. So I had to dig in the back of my brain from those 3 years I took Spanish and I am pretty proud of myself. I was able to communicate somewhat with her. She asked where I was from, I told her Arizona. she smiled and said, "Ohh thats why." Haha ok..
9.) We were at the church Thursday night. That's when everyone has scouts and mutual. The 2nd counselor in the bishopric just randomly walks in the lobby with his dog. No big deal. Such a cute dog. Reminded me of our old family dog, Roscoe. So cute!
10.)At district meeting, my fav sister Sister Weibye and I were twinning - not even planned! (pic below)
11.) We went to our Ward mission leaders house and one of the members was over cause they were going to watch Star Wars. These members are from Arizona and they made a green chili and pork chili. Reminded me so much of home! It was soooo good!
12.) We got a new couch. It is so comfy. It's like you're sittin on a cloud. 
13.) A family in our ward lives in a neighborhood that doesn't allow them to have backyard chickens. So we go over for dinner last night and one of the boys goes, " Sister Pickett! Come see our illegal pets!" Um. Ok. They have a chicken coop chillin in their garage. Niceeee. My companion told the mom that I lived on a farm before I came out. She got so excited. She asked me every possible question she could about chickens. If it's ok if they do this and that. She was so funny. I told her my info is gonna cost here. She just looked at me and laughed. I laughed and told her that dinner was good enough. So I spilled some info and she says, "Ok well I hope you don't mind if I just randomly call you up to ask you some more questions." Glad I can be the chicken expert here! I love VB people!

Well that's all I got. This week it packed full of fun stuff so stay tuned. 

We've had a lot of great lessons this week. Something amazing to me is that I can recognize the Holy Ghost so much clearer in my life. I am just so grateful for that. THE CHURCH IS TRUE. I love you all. 

btw. I love mail. Just thought I'd let you know.

Love one another as Jesus loves you. Try to show kindness in all that you do. Be gentle in learning in deed and in thought. For these are the things Jesus taught.

Sister Pickett

Week 8 - April 11.2016

Ok. You ready for this?

Hola y'all!! <--- niceeeee Sister Pickett

Family and friends! Hello! Virginia Beach was cold.. no... it was FREEZING this week. And windy. I think after the 3rd day of the 40 mph winds causing us to flash people too many times haha my companion and I figured out that our flowy skirts were probably not a good idea. But life is so wonderful. 
I just want to start this email off with just a huge shout out to every single one of you. I love you. How did I get so lucky to have such amazing people in my life? I am blessed beyond belief that's for sure! This week was another crazy one! So get comfy.

Monday: After our normal P-day activities. We went to a members house for dinner. The Albea's. Oh my goodness I love them so much. The mom is like my twin. Loud, loves dogs, makes jokes, etc etc etc! They have two HUGE dogs. A great dane- Jackson. And a mastiff- Elsa. Oh man are they slobbery and cute. They also think they are lap dogs...they doesn't quite work haha. We made homemade pizzas and they were delish. Then we played Taboo and boy that was fun. I miss playing games with my family, but that reminded me of home and it was so much fun to let loose for a bit. Then sadly we had to leave. But don't you worry! We see them again tonight haha!! yessssss

Tuesday: Deep clean day!!! Fact: you will be more stressed out if you live in a pig sty. What a huge stress reliever it was to set time aside to clean and clean some more. As a missionary it is go go go go all the time and cleaning seems impossible to keep up with. But it was as clean as a whistle!! Hallelujah! We also tried to visit a bunch of people but nobody was home. So disappointing. But! Never fear! We had a signing (ASL) class that we were looking forward to! It was going to be at the church. Miracle of the day: We show up to the ASL class that was supposed to be happening and...nobody was at the church. We forgot the phone at home so we couldn't call anyone. It was so weird. They had been announcing this thing for weeks! So we just headed home. We knew that the Sister Training Leaders were supposed to come at 8:30 and it was 8:00 when we got back home.  But right after we had walked in the door...we heard a knock at the door. It was them. The sisters. What? I thought they were coming at 8:30? If we would have had that signing class, we weren't planning on getting home till 8:30!  We had no phone, and they sisters would have been stuck outside our apartment. Haha! I love Heavenly Father. Still to this day we have no idea what happened with the class. hmm. Anyways! So the sisters came in we talked for a bit and said a prayer. My companion was going to Norfolk Virginia (about 30 mins from our apartment) with one of the sister training leaders. And I was staying in our area with the other sister training leader and her greenie that she is training. I was so nervous. They never have the new missionaries stay in their area for their first exchange. But no. I am!!! Heavenly Father is so so funny!!!!!! 

Wednesday: Boom! Today. Sister Pickett was running the show!! We visited a referral we got from the mission office. We walk up tp the house and knock on the door. A little old lady walks up to the door with a very confused look on her face. "Yes? Who are you?" she asked us. " We are the sister missionaries! we said. "OH MY GOODNESS COME ON IN MY LITTLE SUNSHINES I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU OH MY GOODNESS !!! Boom. That is the exact moment we knew this lady was a special one. Her name is Barbra. She lives alone. She is 88 years old and still going strong. She is our Grandma now. She spoils us. Hardcore. At one point of our first visit she stands up and points at me and says, " What size are you deary?" "Umm.. XL?" "OH boy do I have a wardrobe for you." Apparently she was once wearing an XL and lost a bunch of weight or else she had to get another hip replacement. So we walk in this room (that is her closet haha) And there were clothes hanging everywhere. Next time we go over she is basically giving me 6 bags full of clothes, to start off with she said haha! JACKPOT!!!  I tried on this one sweater and she goes, " Oh sweetheart, you pull off that style so fabulous. Turn around. Let me go get my camera." She is so precious. But she is not a member. Very interested in the church though. We taught her the Restoration last time and I asked her to be baptized and she said yes if she came to know these things are true! She is a gem y'all!!
The rest of that day we saw Ya Ling, 2 less actives, we got stuck in an elevator with an atheist...that was fun, went tracting a lot and boy there are interesting people out here, visited our less active Cynthia with the St. Bernard- he is still super cute awh, saw one of our investigators we haven't been able to see in a month and we are still working with him- good lesson though!, and then traveled to Norfolk to switch back companionships. 

Thursday: Weekly planning day and coordination meeting and went visiting teaching with the military relations missionary. I think she likes bringing us so we can teach the lessons. Haha. Smart lady!

Friday: District meeting, Saw a couple less actives, made a birthday card for a girl in our ward who is struggling a bit, turns out she was sick on her birthday- no fun! But she had the biggest smile on her face when we took her the card. I love making people smile. Favorite hobby: making people happy/smile/laugh:)

Saturday: Saw Ya Ling, got a new investigator, Ray! Super cool guy. Has a garden chilling in his front yard. Niceee. Then that night we had our ward's chili cook off and dessert auction as a young woman fundraiser for girls camp. It was such a good turn out. Both the elders and us were the chili judges. So people thought they were so funny putting ghost peppers in their chili. It was so fun though. Then for the dessert auction- all these members kept buying desserts for the missionaries. We were sitting at this table. Someone would bid on a dessert. The young women would bring it to them. They would point to us. The girl would bring it to us. And set in down along with the 50 other desserts we had sitting there. Thank you ward members. haha. Our fridge is FULL of sugar. They are trying to make us fat.

Sunday: Church was awesome as usual. 3 of the people we have been trying to get back to church finally came!!! YESS!! Then we were waiting for ward council to start and this guy walks in looking very confused. Turns out he has been looking for a church for a while. As soon as he walked in. It felt right. His name is Luke and he came here to look for a YSA ward. He had already been to 3 churches that morning and came to ours too and loved the feeling. He talked to us for awhile. We gave him a tour. We were late to ward council. But it was worth it! He is such a good kid! We have high hopes for him and hopefully we will be able to attend a baptism for him soon! After ward council we went and taught Ray our new investigator. As we were teaching him about the Restoration, he was teaching us about his church. He doesn't seem interested but we'll keep teaching him! Then we went to a members house for dinner. What was on the menu? Waffles and scrambled eggs, potatoes, and onions. YES. Reminds me of home. It was gooood. 

And that was this week! Tomorrow morning we have our interviews with President Baker. Ahh. Nervous about that. Transfers are this week. But I know for sure my companion and I are going to be staying here but i'm still in training. I will be here until at LEAST July. My companion goes home May 31st. 

So you know what that means, my address isn't changing for a while! So keep sending that mail! You know mail to a missionary is pure gold!!

(text Todd or Penni for address)
Virginia Beach Virginia 23455

Love you all so much!!

Love one another as Jesus loves you. Try to show kindness in all that you do. Be gentle in learning in deed and in thought. For these are the things Jesus taught.

The biggest hugs and kisses to you all, Muah!!

Sister Pickett

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 7 - April 4, 2016

HIIII! People of Arizona, Idaho, Texas, and....wherever else you are! Sister Pickett here! 

Oh my the weather has been celestial worthy this week! Yes! 

Yes, it was Spring Break for all of Virginia this week. For some reason- spring break has brought all the crazies out! Haha everyday is interesting. I don't ever have enough time to write down in a little email what experiences I have gone through these past almost 2 months. But let me tell you- they are goood. Sister Pickett is doing so good. She is happy. A little discouraged at times- but it comes with the job. I love everything. I am just such a happier person than I was a few months ago. I don't think negatively anymore. The way I speak to others is much improved. I just feel like I am overall.. A better me. A better Kristine. oops I mean Sister Pickett... but you know what I mean:)


1. We met this less active this week. His name is Michael. He is from Colorado. He is THE sweetest guy ever. His daughter is a missionary in Kentucky and she sent us a referral to go see him. So glad she did. He works 
 2 jobs. From 7am to 2am. He has agreed to take the lessons again from us! We get to his apartment and walk in and... there was absolutely nothing in there. He had nothing. We sat on the ground and taught him. I felt so bad. At the end of the lesson we asked if there was anything we could do. He hesitated and looked at the floor for a while and softly said, " If you could get me a table, vacuum, and futon for my son to sleep on, that would really help because I have no money for furniture. Turns out his wife died a few years ago and he recently decided he wanted to start over- fresh start- and moved out here to VA Beach but didn't bring anything with him. We prayed for a miracle. Who in the world is going to have a random table, vacuum, or futon sitting around they would like to give to Michael? Well. After days of praying. We walk into weekly coordination meeting and we tell our ward mission leader about the situation. His reply? " I got it. All of it. Is he home from work right now? We can take it tonight before it rains." My mouth dropped and tears filled my eyes. It was a miracle. Heavenly Father is so good to us. Prayer works. I am just so grateful for our ward mission leader too! Michael now has some furniture in his new apartment and we can't wait to meet with him again. 

2. We had another lesson with the deaf family in our ward. ASL is a struggle let me tell you! But mine is coming along! I thought when my mission call said- "English speaking" nope. wrong. So far if had to (somewhat) try to speak Spanish, Chinese, ASL, and "southerner"- yes that counts. I love it though! I wouldn't trade this missionary experience for anything!

3. Grandma Suzie left VA Beach for a couple months to Tuscan Arizona to visit her grand kids! I told he to say hi to all my dear beloved AZ peeps! So watch out AZ! Gma Suzie is coming for ya!!

4. Ya Ling was so cute this week. She surprised us with Ben & Jerry's ice cream pints. My fav!!! But it wasn't until she put them in front of us that we felt really bad. They were mocha flavored. Um. We had no idea how to explain this to her. So we pulled out a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and tried to explain it with the really thick language barrier. When she finally caught on to what we were trying to tell her.. she felt so embarrassed! But we gave her a big hug and showed our gratitude for her thoughtfulness! Love that little lady!

5. Our cute little Italian less active, Sister Terry with the little dog, Kenny, made for a fun visit this week! She made us banana bread. A HUGE BANANA BREAD CAKE. We shared half with the elders because we couldn't eat it all. I loved people out here in VA like Sister Terry. They don't have much. They work all day long. But yet they take time out of there busy lives to put a smile on someones face. Like making them a gigantic banana bread cake. It was so good by the way.

6. Highlight of all highlights: GENERAL CONFERENCE!! Never in my entire life have a ever been so excited to hear our beloved prophet and apostles talk to us. It felt like Christmas morning. We went to the stake center - they had it all set up for the missionaries to watch! I took pages and pages of notes. Then after the Saturday morning session we walk out past the kitchen and there was a tower of pizza sitting there. Some sweet member brought us some lunch! Ohhhh thank you!! Let's just say...missionaries can EAT! They ( the elders haha let me clarify) downed those pizzas! All is well! 

My favorite talk was by Jeffery R. Holland. He talk touched my heart. So deep. I could feel my heart literally full of love. Love for my family, my friends, my animals, my companion, the people we teach, the ward members, especially for General Conference. It has NOT been an easy life for the past almost 2 months. I have never doubt myself so much, cried so much, studied so much, prayed so much, talk to random people so much, loved so much, showed gratitude so much EVER in my life. But what Elder Holland said in his message assured to me, Sister Pickett, -the little Arizona girl- was called of God to serve a full time mission. For right now, in Virginia Beach Virginia. With Sister Rawlings. Boom. No questions asked. I am here for a purpose. Bringing all the people I can to come unto Christ. 

7. We got to go to the beach this morning with the other sisters! SO MUCH FUN! North Virgnina Beach is so beautiful! I promised myself I will come back one day and stay in the super nice hotels on that beach! So sad we couldn't go in the water but it was gorgeous! We had such a good time! Then we went to " Duck Donuts" after and that was off the chain! I pretty sure my dad would love it! Fresh hot homemade donuts made in front of you! Yes.

8. We also got to go to the Cape Henry Lighthouses today on the Little Creek military base. One of the military relations missionaries took us there. ( we got connections haha) That was SO COOL. It was the first lighthouse to be built in the United States. The view from up top was amazing! My legs are gonna be so sore tomorrow though haha. Too many stairs. 191 to be exact!

Well It is sadly time to close. If you haven't watched General Conference yet- WATCH IT. It will bless you life. That's why it is there. If you haven't been reading your scriptures- READ THEM. They will help you through anything. If you haven't been praying- OH YOU BETTER DO IT!! Prayer works. Pray with real intent. With everything you got. Heavenly Father will hear you. He will answer you. 

Love one another and Jesus loves you. Try to show kindness in ALL that you do. But gentle and loving in deed and in thought. For these are the things Jesus taught.
I love you all with all my heart. 

Hugs and Kisses from Virginia Beach!

Sister Pickett

                                           1.) North Virginia Beach!! So pretty!

                     2.) Love my sistas. Sister Marstella, Sister Gowans, Me, Sister Weibye

                        3.) Me in front of the famous Neptune statue. I was cold, ok?

                                           4.) Companion, Sister Rawlings

1.) This is what a normal drive down the street looks like. No big deal. The trees are absolutely breath taking. 

2.) Us at the top! DON'T LOOK DOWN!!

3.) My fav lighthouse. Isn't it so cute?

4.) Selfie pro