Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 4 - March 14, 2016

Holaaaaa my cute little fan club from the west coast!! Sister Pickett here- reporting live from Virginia Beach with crazy spring breakers running in the middle of the street with no clothes on and the fog making it hard to see. Also, had no clue Daylight Savings was soooo tiring. Like, come on. Missionary work is hard to do when you have 1 less hour of sleep. That's our spiritual "refreshing time" .........too cheesy? Ya...ok moving on!

Monday- after emailing. Off to Wal-Mart we went. We got some food, then we went to the apartment and I cleaned and did laundry. Then we just lounged around for the rest of the day until 6. We went to this cute family's house for dinner. We had waffles and they were delicious! The kids seemed to like me. I think the mom sent my mom a picture of us with the kids. Their son is like hanging on my head. Yessss. It's a gift. I love children haha. We shared a spiritual thought and left. We tried to go visit a few less- actives. Then it was getting too late, dark, and sketchy, so we went home and planned for the next day.

Tuesday- We studied for the typical 3 hours, then it was the one day of the month we have to deep clean the apartment- so I did that for about 4 hours. Geez.....boring day haha sorry guys. BUT. That night we had a dinner appointment with a member and she took us to iHop for the "National Pancake Day" So it was a line full of teenagers (literally looked like school just got out and it was their "hangout spot" and then us with this cute member and her baby. Anyways- we had some pancakes and sausage and it was 10/10. After dinner, we had a lesson with our investigator. We were teaching him Keep the Sabbath Day Holy, and law of chastity. Oh I was so nervous. It was my first time teaching that and I was so worried it would be awkward. And it there you go. But. On the bright side..they have the cutest dogs and cats. Awh. It was so funny cause the whole lesson there were people coming in and out and there was almost a fight in front of their house and ALL KINDS OF THINGS HAPPENED PEOPLE. Oh man. But, it definitely opened my eyes a little and realized. Yup, I'm on a mission. Crazy things happen all the time and there's nothing you can do about it. Love that family though. Hopefully we can see them again this week.

Wednesday- we went to go see Ya Ling. She is the cutest lady ever. She always looks at me and gets close to my face and says "Pretty girl. You is a cute pretty girl. I make you food now" Ok! Thanks Ya Ling!!! We then went to see her friend she's been telling us about. She is Jewish and she loves family history. She is very interested in the gospel cause she "doesn't buy it" but we just beared our testimonies and it seemed to open her heart. After her house, we made some visits. And later that night we went to a cute less- active family in our ward and taught them about Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. (she also gave us the really good chicken.. OH MAN is was tender and flavorful ohhhh ya it was good) And they responded really well to it! They didn't make it to church this Sunday- but maybe it was because of daylight savings- haha I'm telling you- it messes everyone up!

Thursday- We had our weekly planning day that takes 5 hours..ugh not a fan. Then we went out with one of the service missionaries for a couple hours. Nobody let us in. Sad day. But we kept our heads high! We then saw a less- active lady. She is SO SWEET. She seemed to really like us and she was making a scrapbook for her sister so we got to look a these pictures of her family and it was pretty cool! We then had to go to our coordination meeting with the elders and our ward mission leader. It was so funny. Now since we know each other pretty well, we just talk about the people we are teaching and we are all so tired we just laugh at random things. Then at the end- our ward mission leader was like, "Sister Pickett- you have a spiritual thought for us?" Um. What? Good thing im a missionary and I can make up one on the spot. I love the Holy Ghost so much cause it definitely helps me out with that. Also, one of the ward missionaries was there. He is the cutest little old man you will see in your life. Everytime I look at him he winks and then laughs. He is so happy all the time and reminds me of my grandpa Pickett. SO cute.

Friday- We had our district meeting. We had some really cool trainings and I loved it a lot! I had to give the closing prayer. UM. And let me just say this now. I started counting how many times I was asked to say the closing prayer this week. Just the closing prayer. 31 TIMES. Whew. Being a missionary is tough hahaha. So many prayers people. We taught a family that is deaf. So I am now learning ASL. I LOVE IT! It is so cool to be able to communicate through ASL. It's a challenge too though. Then we went to a place called Bo Jangles. It must be a southern thing but it was SO good. Fried chicken never fails.

Funny story time (mom pleaseeee don't freak out. I'm fine.):
That morning I look out the kitchen window and I see in our neighbor's yard a tent. But the house is vacant. Then we are at our apartment that night - and someone starts pounding on our door. It's a police officer. He asked a few questions about the lady's house we live beind. Asks if he can see if the door is locked that connects the house and the apartment. (we always keep it locked) He then tells us there was a homeless person living in that tent and they are just making sure everything was safe. They kicked him out of the neighborhood but if he comes back- call the police. I was so scared. But then I realized, I need to say a prayer right now to be safe because HECK NO this is so not cool. After I prayed. I felt fine. We had an appointment with a less active and I had to back my companion out of the driveway (mission rule- yes I hate it) So I was free game. But now we have gotten word that he is no longer in the state and we are safe. Heavenly Father answered my prayer. It's amazing that this whole time I've been here. We see scary things. All the time. But through the comfort of the Holy Ghost, I'm just fine. there is nothing to be scared of. I'm a tough missionary. I can do this. Amen. Oh and by the way the less active we saw that night has the biggest St. Bernard ever. I fell in love. I will take a picture next time haha

Saturday-We made some visits, and helped a lady in our ward pack her house cause she is moving. I love doing service. From the bottom of my heart. I challenge everyone of you to serve someone this week. Small or big. Anything. It feels good to serve your brothers and sisters.

Sunday- DAYLIGHT SAVINGS...ew Oh man we were SOO tired. But we went to church. It was a good solid day. We made some visits after church with a member. It started raining so hard but it doesn't even matter to us anymore. It's actually a good thing cause people feel bad and don't want you in the rain so they let you in to get dry and warm and BOOM can we share a message with you. BAM. That's how you do it!

Well we have a pretty packed week this week so till next week I guess! I love love love getting mail. The mission life is hard. But getting letters and packages from my loved ones- nothing is better than that. Thank you to those of you who have sent me things

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I love my mission and I......just love everything haha k bye.

Love one another!!!

Sister Pickett

1.) PINK TREES! I love Virginia Beach!!
2.) BROTHER HOLLAND! This guy was in my old ward and we were watching "The District" videos- it's part of our training- and he popped up! So I took a picture with him haha

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