Saturday, March 5, 2016

Week 2 - February 29, 2016

Hello everyone! Hope everyone has a great week! I leave for Virginia at 3:30am tomorrow. I'm getting so excited. THIS IS GETTING REAL PEOPLE.

Wednesday- so after p-day was over at 6 we had a lesson with our investigator- Sara. We walk in and start teaching her. We read 2 Nephi Chapter 32 & 33 and she LOVED IT. The spirit was SO strong. So... I invited her to be baptized. Immediately you could feel the spirit leave. She looked so confused. 
Sara: "Well i've already been baptized" (she was baptized Presbyterian but left the church)

Me: Praised her for showing her faith. Tried to explain how Jesus was baptized by the proper authority. It got worse and worse. My companion was silent. It was the worst feeling I have ever felt. Seeing someone come so close to Christ- and it fall short.

Sara: "So what you're saying is my baptism didn't count." *starts to get angry*

Me: Tried everything I could to get the Spirit back and dig myself out of this grave.

*Someone came in and told us we needed to wrap things up cause we went over 10 minutes. 

Me: "Please just continue to pray and read. This is between you and God. He loves you. He wants the best for you. And his gospel is restored."

We walked out of there devastated. A lesson that was going so well..turned into....i don't even know. Our teacher was waiting for us down the hall and he could immediately tell something happened. He tried to calm us down. But our faces were blank.

We walked back to our room and my companion started to cry. I stopped her. Calmed her down. Told her we are in the MTC. Missionary TRAINING center. We are gonna screw up. Some of the words that came out of my mouth were so comforting- but not mine. It was so weird. We went back to our room. Read our scriptures. Send like 5 prayers. And went to bed. 

Thursday: We woke up refreshed and ready for the new day.
We had "in field orientation" where we learned things we don't in the classroom. Like how to find people to teach, how to work with members, etc. It was a 11 hour class, so we were exhausted. 

But later that night we had another lesson with Sara. I have never been so nervous in my life.I threw up I was so nervous. ( Mom, I'm fine haha it was just anxiety) We walked in. Sat down. But before we could say hi-

Sara: "before you say anything, I want to apologize for yesterday. I shouldn't have been so offended. You guys bring such a light in this room and I love learning from you. Please forgive me"

Us: "Yes, of course!" We moved on and had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation. 

Hm. God works in marvelous ways!

Then, I got KRISPY CREME DONUTS as a package from my parents. It's amazing how much power you have with a box of donuts. I love my parents. They are honestly the best. 

Friday-we did service at 6am. Basically was clean the buildings for 2 hours. Went to the gym and played volleyball. And had class for 10 hours.. nothing too special.

Saturday- We had morning classes. Lots of study time and we had our last lesson with Miranda. She is the best and I will never forget her. She almost accepted our baptism invitation but she said she needs to pray about it more. I wish she could come to Virginia with us! She was our first and last lesson here at the MTC. 
That night we were supposed to be studying and we needed some break time. We spent the next 3 hours playing games with our district. It was honestly so fun. It was so nice to just be normal for a bit. We have grown so close.

Sunday- I love Sundays at the MTC. We did our Temple walk- the weather was so much nicer. We had a sister's meeting about modesty- ugh. I have heard that speech over and over again haha. We then had district meeting and sacrament meeting. I had to give my talk on the Book of Mormon. I'm pro now. Then our Sunday night devotional! Elder Rasband (however you spell that. He's one of the new apostles) came. Such a cool experience. I sat 3 rows away from the front. I was that close!!!!!! The spirit was so strong! He talked about missionary work and being obedient. I will never forget that.

Monday: And not here we are doing our last laundry and packing. So sad to leave the MTC, but so happy to begin this thing! Im ready!!!!

I just want all of you to know I have a testimony of this gospel. I know Joseph Smith restored the gospel and translated the Book of Mormon. I know we have a living true prophet today. I know families are forever!

Sister Pickett

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