Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 6 - March 28, 2016

Hey Y'all!!! Sister Pickett here! I may or may not be currently melting cause it's so dang humid outside but oh well! I love Virginia Beach!! It's my home now! This week has been so much better- except for yesterday I had a bit of a rough day. It was my first holiday away from my family and it was just sad. But only positivity in this email people!! You've got to have the rainy days to appreciate the sunny days more!! Am I right? Ok... you ready for this? Lets goooooooo!!

So Monday. We got to go to Mt. Trashmore! It was a super pretty park by the water and we got to go with the other sisters in the area. So fun! These girls are literally my sisters. We spend a couple hours there just talking, swinging, and playing games. Then of course what else do you do after you play outside? Go get fro yo! Duh?!? We went to Yo Mama- the local frozen yogurt place. If you guess the weight of your yogurt , you get it free! Sadly, I was way off.. Then sadly P-day ended and we went over to one of our dear less actives house for dinner.
Mt Trashmore with the Sistas!
Tuesday- We had a busy busy day! We did our usual studying and the we had an appointment with our new investigator, Jane. We went with a member and we walked in and tried to get started, but she wanted nothing to do with the Book of Mormon or anything Mormon. She has been Catholic all her life and she was just not having it AT ALL. I panicked. People have slammed the door in my face but I have never had someone sit there and flat out tell me that they want nothing to do with the gospel. I was so sad for her. The member that came with us was her neighbor and actually referred us to Jane, so she calmed her down and it got to a point where she would listen. We talked all about the Book of Mormon but she still didn't have the faith in it at all. We left eventually, emotionally drained, but our heads high. We did all we could. And that's what counts. We left the book with her, so we have hope one day, she'll pick it up and read it. Then we moved on to the next house. We saw one of our  less actives that just had a surgery and we went to check on her. She has the St. Bernard that I talked about last email and I got to sit there and pet the dog the whole time we were there. I was in heaven. It's face was so squishy and cute. Until it was time to go and I look down and there was slobber ALL over my skirt. #missionarylife. Then we moved to the next house. Another less active. Also had a dog. This dog peed on my foot ( I was wearing my tan shoes that has decorative holes in them) and my shoe and sock was SOAKED with dog pee. #missionarylife. Moved to the next house. Also had a dog. This dog smelled the pee the whole time we were there. That situation escalated quickly if you know what I mean so they had to put the dog away. #missionarylife. We visited a few more people before going to dinner. Now dinner- we had steaks a with a big ol' sweet potatoe on the side. This steak was bigger than my face. And I got a big face! This lady that fed us is a firefighter. So she doesn't like wimps I was told. so I ate it all. We rolled out of there- trust me. Gain like a solid 5 lbs. Whew! Then we saw this cute little Italian lady that yup! You guessed it. Had a dog. This dog loved me! not just my shoes! (I had changed shoes by now thank goodness) We then tried to visit our investigators house but he wasn't home. We really needed to talk to him so we tracked him down. We figured he would be at the Bishops house (he is dating the Bishops daughter) So we went over to Bishops and BOOM! There he was. We missed him and had a good chat. Hopefully we can see him this week!
Wednesday- We finally saw Julio- one of our investigators. We went to the lesson with a lady in our ward ( haven't met her before) - who come to find out has an Australian accent. YES!! She was the cutest and gave Julio so much love! He is going through a tough time so I hope we helped lift his spirit.  Later we had a conference call with the mission president and his wife. It was also with all the missionaries I came out with. We all talked about some of our experiences we've had while out in the field. I was a little nervous waiting for my turn to share- but I nailed it. No worries. We then went to Chick fil a with Grandma Suzie in our ward. Good times. And then we went to a recent converts house to share a message with them. The guy loves to talk and he loves to collect things. So you know that movie "Red Dawn" apparently the main guy had a gun with him all the time. This recent convert has the actual gun ( AK47)  they used in the movie. He got it off of some auction website. I was gonna take a picture with it to send to my dad cause he would love that! But I didn't think I was allowed. Turns out I can hahah! so dad- next time we go over there I take a picture with it for ya ok? We then went to Ya Ling's. I tried to get her to take a picture with me but she's shy. One day I will get one. one day. She's too cute.  Then we visited a family we visit every week. The dad goes, " Sisters? Can I personal train you on your P-days?) ....oh btw he is a personal trainer.... his wife goes, " Are you calling them fat?" We all laughed haha. I guess that may happen...but I'm not sure?!?

Grandma Suzie! Isn't she the cutest little thing?!?
Thursday- was our weekly planning day so we didn't do much. We did have tamales for dinner! They were good! Reminded me of home! Then we had our usual coordination meeting with the elders and our mission president. It was a funny meeting. We all had some funny things happen to us this week!!
Friday- ok. So our district leader had called us a few nights before and asked to talk to me. He told me that for district meeting on Friday I was going to be giving a training. A training is when you get up in front of everyone and "train" the missionaries on something in Preach my Gospel. I was speechless. What?!?!?! You realize that I've only been our here for like 3 weeks right? And you want me to get up in front of all those experienced missionaries and train them? I didn't understand. I thought to myself. Man. Heavenly Father has the best sense of humor. First- I hurt my back, then allergies, then I had a rough week with everything, then I found out I have to go on splits with the sister training leaders next week and stay in my area (that usually never happens- but it does to me hahaha), and now this???? I was so scared. It was about being bold when extending commitments. So. I did it. I did the training. And it went really good if I must say. It wasn't me though. Heavenly Father definitely helped me. It was a growing experience for sure. At the end of it I told everyone my dad signed his email one time with " Be bold with a heart of gold" Everyone wrote that down. It was cool. Then my district leader later on called me up and do a role play on asking someone to be baptized before even teaching the Restoration. What? Is he trying to kill me? In front of everyone? I had never done that before? it was a fail and I felt so bad. I was just a little greenie missionary. Why was everyone being so hard on me? Then it dawned on me. Heavenly Father wants me to be the best missionary I can be? How would I grown and learn and get to that point- if I wasn't pushed? My district leader was actually doing me a favor. Even though I was embarrassed that it didn't go well, I learned from my mistakes. And isn't that the point? Anyways.. haha. We went to Wendy's for lunch. My companion thought it would make me feel better. It did. hahahaha. The rest of the day we helped a lady in our ward move. She took us to a Mexican restaurant for dinner- Mi Castita. It was sooooo good. As we were leaving, an ambulance pulled up. There was someone inside that needed some dinner????? It was so funny. This lady was on her way to the hospital and stopped for a burrito haha. Nice.
Saturday- We saw one of our less actives. During our lesson with her- her cat that had apparently been gone for a while came to the back door. We let it in. and it had lost a leg. It was so sad. Looked like it got run over by a car or something. She took it to the vet later and hopefully it will be ok. It's a cute little kitty. We went to another less active's house and we cut her hair! I was pretty proud of myself! here's the thing- as a missionary...people trust you. They even trust you to cut their hair!!! Then my mom had sent a cute Easter package to me and sent things to make Easter sugar cookies so we made and decorated those! we passed them out at church the next day, everyone loved them! Then our stake had a Relief Society dinner before the broadcast, that was fun! Then we went into the chapel and watched the broadcast. I was a little sad to not be with my mom, sisters, grandma, cousins, and aunts, but it was fun and I loved all the speakers! Even cute little Henry B Eyring!

Sunday- We had our early morning meeting with the Bishop, the church, then we went home and studied, then went to a member's house for dinner. Nothing special. I was so sad yesterday. I missed my family so much. It didn't feel like Easter at all. But I knew that I just needed to sit up, hold you head high, and say a little prayer in my head to keep my family safe and protected, and then go to work. I felt better after a while, once we went out and visited some people  I realized that I'm a missionary and I will be able to have many more Easters with my family, but I only have so long as a missionary!

Easter Goodies! I love love love MAIL!!!
Well that's it for this week! I love you all so much and I pray for each one of you! Read Alma 34: 8-9. It has been my favorite scripture this week!

Address: Cause you know I love mail!! (contact Penni or Todd)

Love you another!!
Be bold with a heart of gold!

Sister Pickett

Virginia Beach

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 5 - March 21, 2016

Rain, rain, love the rain!!!!
Hi everyone! How's the sunshine? Haven't seen too much of that stuff this week! I love the rain though! Good thing we have a car haha! This week was kinda hard for me. I've been struggling with a few things and that has made for a long week. I haven't really been homesick till now and I keep having this thoughts of, " I don't think I can do this." Being a new missionary is hard. It feels like once I start getting the hang of things, I mess up. But it's amazing that just reading one scripture or saying a prayer can change everything. Plus the members here are AMAZING. Having support and love from them- also the love and support from home keeps me going and makes me think. " I got this. I'm not giving up. Let's do this thing."  But now for the good stuff..
This week: Highlights list!


-We had to go wash the car. Not only wash it..... but wax it too. I'm officially a pro. And check all the car parts and organize the paper work inside. Phew!
-I asked our new investigator to be baptized (so scary btw.. harder than it looks haha) ... she said no/ I'll keep trying:)
-The Relief Society Dinner our ward put together was so fun! Chicken salad sandwiches, fruit kabobs, veggie cups, and birthday cake. YES.
- We had Zone conference this week! The mission president and his wife came and they did AMAZING trainings with us. Definitely became a better missionary after that!
- Sister Rawlings and I got 1st place for the " cleanest car in the mission" YES!!!
- Our ward provided lunch for the Zone conference too! Can you guess what we had? Chicken salad sandwiches, fruit kabobs, and veggie cups. I wasn't complaining, ha it was good even the second time around!

Ward Relief Society Birthday dinner! SO fun! (btw the one man that is in the pic haha that's the  Bishop!!)
-The members of the ward are amazing! We were fed every night this week! I love dinner appointments!
- Top dinner appointment: We went to this couple's house that just had a baby- he is so cute! They made us meat and potatoes. We started eating and it was soooo good. The flavoring tasted different then what I've had before, so I asked. "What did you put on these! It's so good"  She told me some basic ingredients and the her husband chimed in, "and she put a whole can of beer in there." What. hahaha. Ok! She insisted that the alcohol cooks out.. so we trusted her and.....kept eating cause we were soo hungry! Life as a missionary.. haha it could be a movie.
-We went to visit this less active in our ward. Neither of us had met her. We knocked and she answered the door. My mouth dropped. I seriously thought it was Ronda Rousey (a UFC fighter)  for a second. Haha. It wasn't her. But it was definitely her doppelganger!!!! That lady was so funny and we had a great lesson!
- We helped a less active sister unpack some boxes she still had from them moving. She made us this sandwich for lunch.. let me set this up for ya: 2 big pieces of bread toasted with butter, fried salami, fried Mexican cheese, avocado, tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, cilantro, mayo, and ketchup. Then a banana protein shake. It was SO GOOD. We were stuffed for the rest of the day haha.
 We FINALLY saw one of our investigators that we've been trying to see since I got here. We made some progress! Hopefully we can start getting him to church again! Fingers crossed!
-One our favorite members, Diane, (she reminds me so much of my older sister and her husband reminds me of my brother in law) tried out for a play and we got to be here "practice judges" she got a callback so we are so excited for her!!
-The elders in our ward had a baptism Friday night. My first missionary baptism! It was so cool and the spirit was so strong. So many came to support the boy getting baptized and he was glowing cause he was so happy!
- Saturday morning we helped with the Stake Food Order (bishop's storehouse delivery) That was SO MUCH FUN! We are gonna go every month because it was so great! So many funny things happened and I just love service so much! I got to take one of the people around the get what they ordered and he didn't want any of the deodorant he ordered.. so I may have just slipped one in there anyways haha oops.
-We helped a cute lady in our ward pack up to move and we are expert packers now haha. We live right next to Little Creek military base so everyone is constantly moving around so there is always someone that needs help to pack!
-A member took us to Jason's Deli for dinner one night and we got free ice cream. It was soft serve with the cake cones- YESSS. SCORE.
-Last but not least, last night we were told that us and the elders in our ward get to be the Ward Chili Cook Off judges!!! YESS. We are soooooooooo flippin excited for that you have no idea. Apparently it's super competitive and some member's chili takes 4 days to make. That's some serious dedication there!! So stoked for that!

Anyways, I love every single one of you so much and I want to thank you all for the love and prayers. I love the mission so much, even if it is so hard some days, it has made me into a completely different person then I was one month ago. I love this gospel. I love Virginia Beach!

Don't forget to send me mail. Missionaries love mail!!!

Hugs and kisses from Virginia Beach!

Love one another!
Sister Pickett

 I assume a dinner appointment. - I asked Kristine and she said "The Harpers sent it.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 4 - March 14, 2016

Holaaaaa my cute little fan club from the west coast!! Sister Pickett here- reporting live from Virginia Beach with crazy spring breakers running in the middle of the street with no clothes on and the fog making it hard to see. Also, had no clue Daylight Savings was soooo tiring. Like, come on. Missionary work is hard to do when you have 1 less hour of sleep. That's our spiritual "refreshing time" .........too cheesy? Ya...ok moving on!

Monday- after emailing. Off to Wal-Mart we went. We got some food, then we went to the apartment and I cleaned and did laundry. Then we just lounged around for the rest of the day until 6. We went to this cute family's house for dinner. We had waffles and they were delicious! The kids seemed to like me. I think the mom sent my mom a picture of us with the kids. Their son is like hanging on my head. Yessss. It's a gift. I love children haha. We shared a spiritual thought and left. We tried to go visit a few less- actives. Then it was getting too late, dark, and sketchy, so we went home and planned for the next day.

Tuesday- We studied for the typical 3 hours, then it was the one day of the month we have to deep clean the apartment- so I did that for about 4 hours. Geez.....boring day haha sorry guys. BUT. That night we had a dinner appointment with a member and she took us to iHop for the "National Pancake Day" So it was a line full of teenagers (literally looked like school just got out and it was their "hangout spot" and then us with this cute member and her baby. Anyways- we had some pancakes and sausage and it was 10/10. After dinner, we had a lesson with our investigator. We were teaching him Keep the Sabbath Day Holy, and law of chastity. Oh I was so nervous. It was my first time teaching that and I was so worried it would be awkward. And it there you go. But. On the bright side..they have the cutest dogs and cats. Awh. It was so funny cause the whole lesson there were people coming in and out and there was almost a fight in front of their house and ALL KINDS OF THINGS HAPPENED PEOPLE. Oh man. But, it definitely opened my eyes a little and realized. Yup, I'm on a mission. Crazy things happen all the time and there's nothing you can do about it. Love that family though. Hopefully we can see them again this week.

Wednesday- we went to go see Ya Ling. She is the cutest lady ever. She always looks at me and gets close to my face and says "Pretty girl. You is a cute pretty girl. I make you food now" Ok! Thanks Ya Ling!!! We then went to see her friend she's been telling us about. She is Jewish and she loves family history. She is very interested in the gospel cause she "doesn't buy it" but we just beared our testimonies and it seemed to open her heart. After her house, we made some visits. And later that night we went to a cute less- active family in our ward and taught them about Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. (she also gave us the really good chicken.. OH MAN is was tender and flavorful ohhhh ya it was good) And they responded really well to it! They didn't make it to church this Sunday- but maybe it was because of daylight savings- haha I'm telling you- it messes everyone up!

Thursday- We had our weekly planning day that takes 5 hours..ugh not a fan. Then we went out with one of the service missionaries for a couple hours. Nobody let us in. Sad day. But we kept our heads high! We then saw a less- active lady. She is SO SWEET. She seemed to really like us and she was making a scrapbook for her sister so we got to look a these pictures of her family and it was pretty cool! We then had to go to our coordination meeting with the elders and our ward mission leader. It was so funny. Now since we know each other pretty well, we just talk about the people we are teaching and we are all so tired we just laugh at random things. Then at the end- our ward mission leader was like, "Sister Pickett- you have a spiritual thought for us?" Um. What? Good thing im a missionary and I can make up one on the spot. I love the Holy Ghost so much cause it definitely helps me out with that. Also, one of the ward missionaries was there. He is the cutest little old man you will see in your life. Everytime I look at him he winks and then laughs. He is so happy all the time and reminds me of my grandpa Pickett. SO cute.

Friday- We had our district meeting. We had some really cool trainings and I loved it a lot! I had to give the closing prayer. UM. And let me just say this now. I started counting how many times I was asked to say the closing prayer this week. Just the closing prayer. 31 TIMES. Whew. Being a missionary is tough hahaha. So many prayers people. We taught a family that is deaf. So I am now learning ASL. I LOVE IT! It is so cool to be able to communicate through ASL. It's a challenge too though. Then we went to a place called Bo Jangles. It must be a southern thing but it was SO good. Fried chicken never fails.

Funny story time (mom pleaseeee don't freak out. I'm fine.):
That morning I look out the kitchen window and I see in our neighbor's yard a tent. But the house is vacant. Then we are at our apartment that night - and someone starts pounding on our door. It's a police officer. He asked a few questions about the lady's house we live beind. Asks if he can see if the door is locked that connects the house and the apartment. (we always keep it locked) He then tells us there was a homeless person living in that tent and they are just making sure everything was safe. They kicked him out of the neighborhood but if he comes back- call the police. I was so scared. But then I realized, I need to say a prayer right now to be safe because HECK NO this is so not cool. After I prayed. I felt fine. We had an appointment with a less active and I had to back my companion out of the driveway (mission rule- yes I hate it) So I was free game. But now we have gotten word that he is no longer in the state and we are safe. Heavenly Father answered my prayer. It's amazing that this whole time I've been here. We see scary things. All the time. But through the comfort of the Holy Ghost, I'm just fine. there is nothing to be scared of. I'm a tough missionary. I can do this. Amen. Oh and by the way the less active we saw that night has the biggest St. Bernard ever. I fell in love. I will take a picture next time haha

Saturday-We made some visits, and helped a lady in our ward pack her house cause she is moving. I love doing service. From the bottom of my heart. I challenge everyone of you to serve someone this week. Small or big. Anything. It feels good to serve your brothers and sisters.

Sunday- DAYLIGHT SAVINGS...ew Oh man we were SOO tired. But we went to church. It was a good solid day. We made some visits after church with a member. It started raining so hard but it doesn't even matter to us anymore. It's actually a good thing cause people feel bad and don't want you in the rain so they let you in to get dry and warm and BOOM can we share a message with you. BAM. That's how you do it!

Well we have a pretty packed week this week so till next week I guess! I love love love getting mail. The mission life is hard. But getting letters and packages from my loved ones- nothing is better than that. Thank you to those of you who have sent me things

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! I love my mission and I......just love everything haha k bye.

Love one another!!!

Sister Pickett

1.) PINK TREES! I love Virginia Beach!!
2.) BROTHER HOLLAND! This guy was in my old ward and we were watching "The District" videos- it's part of our training- and he popped up! So I took a picture with him haha

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 3 - March 7, 2016

 Helloooooo people of the West coast! Sister Pickett here- on the east coast. And MAN is it beautiful and green here. Let me just start from the beginning so I don't forget anything!

 So. Tuesday morning, bright and early, we woke up at 3am after going to bed at 12am (yessss sleep) finished packing and weighing our bags and then walked to the front of the MTC. There was a bus waiting for us. We turned in our keys, de-activated our IDs and then loaded our bags. I was an hour drive to the airport. We checked in. The man who weighed my bags looked and my ID and goes, "Girl. I MEAN sister. I live in Gilbert Arizona too! I can't remember his name cause It was like 4:30 in the morning, but he was super nice. We then went up to our gate and... I got to call my family. OH man. I miss them. But it was just soo good to hear their voices. I really gave me the boost I needed to get on that plane and head to a different world- pretty much. After that, we got on the plane and flew to Atlanta Georgia. That plane ride was so scary. Turbulence the whole way there. But we survived!! (mom don't freak out) We get off the plane. BOOM. Instant stares. People literally looked at us like we were aliens. But man did we own it. We ate at Panda Express YES MY FAV. But it was kinda gross cause we were all sick from the plane ride. We then got on another plane and headed to NORFOLK VIRGINIA (which now I have figured out it is pronounced "Naw-fick" hahah it's so southern here guys it is ridiculous! We get off the plane and our cute little (but actually he is so tall)  mission president and his wife and the AP's (assistant to the president) were standing there with smiles on their faces. They helped us get our bags and we loaded it in the trailer and headed to a chapel where they fed us chicken alfredo, salad, and garlic bread. Oh and cake for dessert. We were exhausted. Oh but wait, the night was NOT over. AP's stand up, " OK now you will all get a chance to teach one of our investigators." WHAT. Oh HECK NO. But... we were happy to. Our brains just weren't functioning very good. But we taught the sweetest lady the Restoration (which is my fav to teach btw) and it was an awesome experience. We definitely felt the strength of the Lord on our side cause.. we needed it haha. We had an interview with the president. Then an interview with his wife about medical. She was SO impressed when I told her my mom printed out doctors that took our insurance in our area. Haha I think after that she told me she loves my mom 20x . Me too Sister Baker. Me too. WE then headed over to a Hampton hotel to spend the night. Got a whole bed to myself. Yesss. when our heads hit the pillow. Boom. we gone.

Wednesday- Breakfast- BISCUITS AND GRAVY my fav. It was sooo good for hotel breakfast. Thank you Hampton. Before we left the hotel, we sang a hymn (missionary lifeeee) to the front desk lady, Shanakah. She was so happy. We went to the chapel, had orientation, and got our new trainers. My trainer is Sister Rawlings from San Antonio Texas. She is super nice and very experienced. Basically after she trains me, she goes home. So I have to carry on the Rawlings legacy pretty much. We are serving in Virginia beach. Right on the coast. Ohhhhhh ya. We are in the Bayside ward. We live in a cute little apartment that is attached to a cute little old lady's house. She likes to talk. But she's adorable. The rest of that day I unpacked. But, no the day was not over!! My trainer informed me we were teaching that night! I was so nervous but so excited! But you'll never guess it. My FIRST lesson as an official missionary was........ a 15 step Stop Smoking program. The man we taught to this day is still smoke free! SO proud of him. It was just weird cause I barely knew him, but I just shared my testimony that we were there to help him and we are now good friends!

Thursday-We woke up.. then he had to exercise for 30 min. I jumped up. And BOOM. I landed wrong and hurt my back- again. (I hurt my back a few months ago at work and it took me 2 weeks to recover.) I was devastated. Good thing the rest of that day we had to do weekly planning that take a good 6 hours - so we didn't go out much. But I still couldn't walk. I felt so helpless. how am I supposed to do missionary work when I can't walk. That night we had a meeting with the Elders in our area and the ward mission president. at the end of the meeting, I couldn't keep still anymore and I knew what I needed to do. "Elders. Could I PLEASE get a priesthood blessing?" They barely knew me, and they gave me the most beautiful blessing ever. Little did I know my trainer voice recorded the whole thing. She knew I was in so much pain I wouldn't really remember what they said, so she listened back to it when we got home and wrote it down on a cute paper and gave it to me. I can't even put into words how much that meant to me. The blessing and the written version my trainer gave me.

Friday- I woke up. Scared to stand. But I did. It was...... back was...better! I could walk! I could function. Throughout the day is hurt some more. But not as much. And something that took me almost 3 weeks to recover from now has taken me only 4 days. Right now I am 100%. My testimony of the priesthood has grown 5 times bigger cause of this experience. I always loved my dad's blessings too! I love the priesthood and never again will I think anything different.
 That morning we had Zone conference. Then we visited like 10 less active or potential investigators and we had a great time! Taught a few lessons too! And I made us dinner! My dad's famous potatoes and onions! My trainer loved it!!

Saturday- that morning we went and helped Ya Ling, a cute little Chinese woman who owns a motel. We helped her clean one of the rooms. She is so funny. She barely knows English and is trying to learn. So anything we said, she would repeat us. It was the funniest thing ever! Also, she had us clean some stains that were on the carpet with rubbing alcohol haha. She also made us noodles for lunch! Real authentic Chinese food is SO good!! I have yet to have seafood though...hmmmm. We then went out and then met several other people. We got a new investigator. He is so nice! his name is Lenord and he is a happy family guy! We have a return appointment with him so we will see how it goes!

Sunday- We had PEC meeting (yes, the sister missionaries go..haha) It was testimony meeting and it was the craziest one ever! People just get up and speak their mind! Welcome to Virginia! Oh! And the day I got here, my trainer informed me we had to teach Relief Society too! Yesss. Bonus blessings. That was fun. We taught about missionary work. Everyone loves that I'm from Arizona. They say, "YES! We have an Arizona Mormon! Bring the warmth sister, bring the warmth" We then went and taught anyone we could the rest of the day! And I had my first member home dinner- homemade Mac&Cheese. The first question they ask me, "Um Sister know in this mission.. you is gon' gain weight right?" Ummmm. The mac and cheese was good. But I made sure to have the veggies. No gaining weight for this sister hahahahaha. (Everyone pray for me hahaha)

Oh! Last thing- the sister that I met on Instagram that is in my same mission. We talked on email for a while.. became good friends.. and WE FINALLY MET!! she is in my district. Sister Weibye (sister if you are reading this....what's up? haha ) She is the nicest and are going to be the best future companions ever-we already called it)

I am loving it here. It's green. It's beautiful. It's fun. It's hard. But my testimony has grown SO much and I'm learning new things everyday. I have such a strong testimony of the Restoration. It has so much power behind it. Ugh, I just love it and I feel the Spirit no matter what when I talk about it. I know Thomas S. Monson is our living, true, and faithful prophet today. I know our Savior walked this earth, performed miracles, and suffered for our sins so that we could live with our Heavenly Father again. I feel God's love. I know he listen to every. single. pray we say. And he will answer if we have faith.

Love you another as Jesus loves you. Try to show kindness in all that you do. Be gentle and loving in deed and in thought. For these are the things Jesus taught.

Till next Monday, fan club!

(Per request of her Mission President to remove addresses from blogs I have removed it - if you would like to write or send Sister Pickett anything please text or call Todd or Penni Pickett.)

 Love Sister Pickett:)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Arrived in Virginia - March 2, 2016

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Dear Brother & Sister Pickett,
Sister Baker and I were delighted to welcome Sister Kristine Pickett to the Virginia Chesapeake Mission on Tuesday.  She arrived in good spirits and has been assigned to labor in the Bayside Ward of the Virginia Beach Stake.  Her trainer is Sister Analia Rawlings.  I have attached two photos of your missionary: one with her trainer, and one with Sister Baker and me.
Thank you for sending us such a fine missionary,
President Baker
Virginia Chesapeake Mission

Week 2 - February 29, 2016

Hello everyone! Hope everyone has a great week! I leave for Virginia at 3:30am tomorrow. I'm getting so excited. THIS IS GETTING REAL PEOPLE.

Wednesday- so after p-day was over at 6 we had a lesson with our investigator- Sara. We walk in and start teaching her. We read 2 Nephi Chapter 32 & 33 and she LOVED IT. The spirit was SO strong. So... I invited her to be baptized. Immediately you could feel the spirit leave. She looked so confused. 
Sara: "Well i've already been baptized" (she was baptized Presbyterian but left the church)

Me: Praised her for showing her faith. Tried to explain how Jesus was baptized by the proper authority. It got worse and worse. My companion was silent. It was the worst feeling I have ever felt. Seeing someone come so close to Christ- and it fall short.

Sara: "So what you're saying is my baptism didn't count." *starts to get angry*

Me: Tried everything I could to get the Spirit back and dig myself out of this grave.

*Someone came in and told us we needed to wrap things up cause we went over 10 minutes. 

Me: "Please just continue to pray and read. This is between you and God. He loves you. He wants the best for you. And his gospel is restored."

We walked out of there devastated. A lesson that was going so well..turned into....i don't even know. Our teacher was waiting for us down the hall and he could immediately tell something happened. He tried to calm us down. But our faces were blank.

We walked back to our room and my companion started to cry. I stopped her. Calmed her down. Told her we are in the MTC. Missionary TRAINING center. We are gonna screw up. Some of the words that came out of my mouth were so comforting- but not mine. It was so weird. We went back to our room. Read our scriptures. Send like 5 prayers. And went to bed. 

Thursday: We woke up refreshed and ready for the new day.
We had "in field orientation" where we learned things we don't in the classroom. Like how to find people to teach, how to work with members, etc. It was a 11 hour class, so we were exhausted. 

But later that night we had another lesson with Sara. I have never been so nervous in my life.I threw up I was so nervous. ( Mom, I'm fine haha it was just anxiety) We walked in. Sat down. But before we could say hi-

Sara: "before you say anything, I want to apologize for yesterday. I shouldn't have been so offended. You guys bring such a light in this room and I love learning from you. Please forgive me"

Us: "Yes, of course!" We moved on and had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation. 

Hm. God works in marvelous ways!

Then, I got KRISPY CREME DONUTS as a package from my parents. It's amazing how much power you have with a box of donuts. I love my parents. They are honestly the best. 

Friday-we did service at 6am. Basically was clean the buildings for 2 hours. Went to the gym and played volleyball. And had class for 10 hours.. nothing too special.

Saturday- We had morning classes. Lots of study time and we had our last lesson with Miranda. She is the best and I will never forget her. She almost accepted our baptism invitation but she said she needs to pray about it more. I wish she could come to Virginia with us! She was our first and last lesson here at the MTC. 
That night we were supposed to be studying and we needed some break time. We spent the next 3 hours playing games with our district. It was honestly so fun. It was so nice to just be normal for a bit. We have grown so close.

Sunday- I love Sundays at the MTC. We did our Temple walk- the weather was so much nicer. We had a sister's meeting about modesty- ugh. I have heard that speech over and over again haha. We then had district meeting and sacrament meeting. I had to give my talk on the Book of Mormon. I'm pro now. Then our Sunday night devotional! Elder Rasband (however you spell that. He's one of the new apostles) came. Such a cool experience. I sat 3 rows away from the front. I was that close!!!!!! The spirit was so strong! He talked about missionary work and being obedient. I will never forget that.

Monday: And not here we are doing our last laundry and packing. So sad to leave the MTC, but so happy to begin this thing! Im ready!!!!

I just want all of you to know I have a testimony of this gospel. I know Joseph Smith restored the gospel and translated the Book of Mormon. I know we have a living true prophet today. I know families are forever!

Sister Pickett