Thursday, February 18, 2016

2/17/2016- Kristine's 1rst day

Hi family! I'm here and safe! Today was crazy. Holy cow.

My flight- so there were about 10 sister missionaries and.......1 elder. I'm sure he was in heaven. The flight was OK. Lots of turbulence. But we made it safe. I have already made so many new friends and I'm am loving this so much. The shuttle ride was fun. Then we arrived.....

First day at MTC- one word to describe it: OVERWHELMING. 
But its been fun.I have already learned so much. We had a meeting after we got all our stuff and we sang: "We'll Bring the World his Truth" and it was... powerful. It felt so right to be there. We have been to several classes and I love my companion. I'm rooming with 3 other girls and we already love each other so much.

Next (full) P-day is next Wednesday so I will get to email again soon. 

I love you guys. So much. I'm safe. I'm happy.

Stay groovy.

"Have faith, have hope, live like His Son. Help others on thier way."

Sister Pickett

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