Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week 1 - February 24, 1996

Our first night in the MTC. Can you tell we are exhausted?

We were supposed to be taking a "bathroom break".... but we took selfies instead.

Companion study. We are seriously pros at the Restoration now....

My mom sent me the CUTEST package. I felt SO FLIPPIN LOVED!!!!

Our cute little district on our temple walk Sunday morning. It was FREEZING!!\

All 4 sisters are going to Virginia Chesapeake. Sooo cuteee. The famous map picture!
Found my mission president on the huge wall of the presidents!! cooool
Hello everyone!!! My mom sent me some questions to answer so ill start with those!
1.How's the MTC?
It's getting better everyday! When I first got here it was so crazy. So overwhelming. So stressful. New people. New schedule. New food. Everything. But I feel like ive been here for a month haha. But I honestly feel like this place has changed me. I'm so much more confident and can sit down and talk to anyone about the gospel for hours.

2.What do you do - is it the same everyday?
It's different everyday. The only things that are the same is we are in class for 6-8 hours a day. Sundays and Tuesdays we have devotionals at night. The past couple of days we've been having real lessons with real investigators. We have meals the same time everyday- on Wednesdays and Sundays we get BYU creamery ice cream- SO GOOD. We study for about 4-5 hours each day throughout the day. The schedule is grueling- but I keep thinking about the girl I was just a week ago, and how far i've come. It is truly amazing. I can actually feel God's love for me more than I ever have before.

3.Who are your companions - where are they from? What do you like about them?
My companions name is Sister Poulsen. She is from Logan/Cash Valley Utah (she changes it everytime she's asked haha) She has such a strong testimony of the gospel and super sweet. Being with her 24/7.... phew its tough. I can't even walk to the drinking fountain by myself so it takes some getting used to. She also says I snore so..... my bad. We teach so good together too. Now, we pretty much say we are in a quad companionship because the other 2 sisters we room with are in our district and are with each other all the time so its fun. The other 2 sisters are Sister Frame from Orem Utah and Sister Black from Provo Utah. So ya I'm with all Utah girls. They always compare skin tones  with me cause they can't believe how tan I am. hahaha

4.What has been the most impactful so far?
Teaching our investigators. By far. The first couple days we were here we had class all day and kept thinking, "How are we gonna do this" Now getting to actually teach real people. The spirit is so strong. And it makes it sooo worth all the class and studying. We have 2 investigators. One girl is- Miranda. A college student who wants the gospel to be true. Yesterday was only our 2nd lesson with her and i had the strongest feeling to ask her to be baptized. So i did. After a long pause she said with the biggest smile on her face, " Well...maybe. I never ever ever ever thought I would say that." That is music to a missionary's ears. She has potential. I could feel Heavenly Father's presence. It was unreal. 
Our other investigator is Sara. she is also a college student but suffers with depression. We have mainly focused on God's love for her. The first time we met with her- she was sad and slouched over but by the end she was sitting up straight listening and had the biggest smile on her face. Amazing. We meet again with her tonight. So excited!

5.How is the food?
So good. depends.. but still so good. Best thing so far- chicken cordon bleu. Heavenly for sure. *cue halo noise*

6.Do you still leave March 1rst?
Yes I do! 3:30 am bright and early yesssssssssssss.

I love my mission already so much. I feel like im such a different person. I love devotional nights. We had the General Primary President speak last night and we sang primary songs and she taught us so much. My favorite part was when she said," The more we turn to Christ, the more we see his hand in our lives." AMEN. Story of my life for the past 9 days. I miss you all. Love you all. Till next P-day!

Stay Groovy.Sister Pickett
So I still have a couple minutes so..... story time!

Yesterday I was gonna put on some make up before dinner.. but that did not happen so i accidentally threw the bottle of foundation in my make up bag and in got EVERYWHERE.Whoops

I literally keep introducing myself as takes some time to get used to the whole, sister thing ahahaha. People act like its a sin or something, Oh well. Im new. 

Oh! Give Ellie a big hug for me!

UM IT SNOWED THE OTHER DAY DURING CLASS. Our teacher wasnt gonna let us go out and play in it but I told her im from AZ and never get to see snow. So boom. Now im the favorite sister cause we have a full on snowball fight. Awesome.

All the sisters are jealous cause I got the cutest package from mom and Shoni. My response: You jelly? You jelly? You jelly? Hahaha yaaaaaa

This girl walked in the bathroom only in garments cause she was half asleep. Let me tell you...not the first time thats happened. Um ew no.

The showers are literally big enough to shove a whole herd of cows in them niceeeee.

We convinced the Elders in our district that we have a kitchen in our room.... (we dont) Still to this moment they are still convinced.

The people here learning a foreign language greet everyone walking past them by saying hi in the language they are learning. We respond with making something random up like, "Donkinspike! Or hololochi! And look so confused hahahahahaha.

I sleep on the bottom bunk and EVERY night I hit my foot on the ladder next to the bed. UGH

Well I cant think of anymore and my laundry is done! I will keep looking for more emails while I can. Pday ends in an hour and a half. But dont forget to send Dear Elders. That would make me so happy after a long day! Love you all so much. I cant say that enough. 17 months and 3 weeks left!

Stay groovy! 
Sister Pickett!
Ok last 20 min of email time. Just got back from dinner. Chicken tortilla soup and fresh baked rolls. So good. Also BYU creamery ice cream plus toppings! Have a great week everyone! I love you all! Pray for me while we go teach Sara in a couple hours! We also get to meet the new missionaries in our district tonight! So crazy that only a week ago I had the same scared looks that im seeing around here today hahaha. God be with you. Pray. Read. And then pray some more. Hugs and kisses from your grizzly bear.

Sister Pickett


Thursday, February 18, 2016

2/17/2016- Kristine's 1rst day

Hi family! I'm here and safe! Today was crazy. Holy cow.

My flight- so there were about 10 sister missionaries and.......1 elder. I'm sure he was in heaven. The flight was OK. Lots of turbulence. But we made it safe. I have already made so many new friends and I'm am loving this so much. The shuttle ride was fun. Then we arrived.....

First day at MTC- one word to describe it: OVERWHELMING. 
But its been fun.I have already learned so much. We had a meeting after we got all our stuff and we sang: "We'll Bring the World his Truth" and it was... powerful. It felt so right to be there. We have been to several classes and I love my companion. I'm rooming with 3 other girls and we already love each other so much.

Next (full) P-day is next Wednesday so I will get to email again soon. 

I love you guys. So much. I'm safe. I'm happy.

Stay groovy.

"Have faith, have hope, live like His Son. Help others on thier way."

Sister Pickett

Monday, February 1, 2016