Monday, January 18, 2016

Long time... no blog....

Well... I officially failed at blogging. Whoops! But hey- I'm back. This is going to be my mission blog. So this is the place to be for the next 18 months while I am serving in the Virginia Chesapeake mission. I leave in 4 weeks... AHH. Seems like just a couple days ago I opened my call. Now I'm starting to pack and writing a farewell talk.. which is so much harder than I thought might I add.. but I can't wait to go on this mission. My life is gonna change. I want it to change. I need it to change. I'm ready. Lets do this. Like..seriously. do you see this person eating this bell pepper-->  HEAVEN HELP ME PLZ TURN ME INTO A GOOD SISTER MISSIONARY WHO NEEDS TO GET HER LIFE TOGETHER. Stay tuned peeps. Stay groovy.

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